Three Fun Travel Experiences You Can Enjoy with Just a Cebu Rental Car

Jun 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

So, you are heading over to Cebu, the Philippine’s Queen City of the South. The chances are you have seen over a dozen or so travel packages with some transportation thrown in.

However, it is most likely that you will not get much out of that transportation beyond taking you to the hotel and one or two tourist destinations. If you want real freedom movement around Cebu City, then your best bet is getting a rental car.

There are dozens of places you can visit in a day. just by taking the wheel yourself. Here are some great suggestions.

1. Check out historical landmarks.

If you have heard of Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica del Sto. Niño, then you should already know that they are literally right next to each other. For many Roman Catholics (not just in the Philippines, but across Southeast Asia), the site holds historical as well as religious significance.
Both the basilica and the cross represent the earliest seeds of Catholicism in the country. The church was built on the spot where an icon of the Child Jesus (locally known as Sto. Niño) was recovered 40 years after the failed Magellan expedition.

Not too far from there is also Fort San Pedro, one of the earliest Spanish fortresses built when the first Spanish Governor General established a settlement. So if you are big on history, then renting a car and driving straight to Magallanes Street will be an enriching part of your stay.

2. Road trips to Moalboal

Cebu and Moalboal are almost synonymous, but it is important to know that the latter is actually very, very far from the city. In fact, getting there means passing by at least two other cities outside of Cebu City itself.

In other words, you have quite a road trip on your hands. It is not unusual for backpackers to just take buses or rent vans to get there. On the other hand, these packaged trips will likely take you past other hidden gems along the way (a big case in point: the Carcar Lechon Market).

Going with a rental car from Cebu may take a bit more money and planning, but it can be far more worth it if you know places to get good eats and great sights. Furthermore, it gives you more control over the pace of your Moalboal trip.

3. Exploring Cebu City’s urban life.

It may not be as sprawling as Manila, but that is not a reason to underestimate Cebu’s own urban scene. It is home to four major shopping malls (with one being the third largest in the country). Its business parks are also home to a number of indie bars, cafes as well as bustling open-air food courts like Cebu Mercado.

And on top of that, there are plenty of exciting, major events happening exclusively in the city at different times of the year. The Sinulog season alone sets the stage for many music festivals, parties, local art galleries and more.

So even if you are just renting a car to go around town, you will find no shortage of places to chill, hang out and have fun!

Sure, you could save a lot of money if you just stick to the itinerary laid out by your Cebu travel package. But if you have the budget to make your trip more spontaneous and full of surprises, then the Queen City of the South has a lot more to see if you take a rental!

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