Why Us

Car Rental Philippines.
Rent a car in Cebu.
Self-Drive or “All-In” with driver!

 When it comes to car rentals you will find plenty of suppliers on Google, Facebook etc. for Cebu City. Some are very expensive, some seem to be international, some are incredibly cheap on first sight. Our advise is to choose wisely. Make sure these suppliers are registered. Then make sure their cars are state of the art, well maintained or better new. Also look into their insurance or in case of damage policy. Last but not least make sure they implemented safety protocols when it comes to the Corona Virus. Do they disinfect their units and are you safe when you take over the rented vehicle?

Car Rental Philippines does it not somehow. We do it the right way!

Our cars are all 2019 / 2020 / 2021 units. Means they are new, most likely brand new and under warranty. So you know you get a perfectly maintained, completely safe and functioning car. All units are being disinfected with a fog machine right before you rent. They undergo a check before each new rental or before you as our valued customer take over a car. Plus we will make a small protocol in which we mark together all damages, car condition etc. right at the start of your rental. Of course each self-drive car comes with an insurance, so that you are protected in case of damage, accident etc. As a fully registered company we issue an Official receipt for every transaction.

For All-In rates with driver you don’t have just all above, but you get on top a professional driver who knows the way and is trained in driver security & emergency response in case of emergency. We don’t waste time but most of all don’t risk your life. It’s our pleasure to take you safe wherever you want to go at any time. You name your idea or destination and we will design your trip. Tailor made! Our All-In rates include literally everything. Be worry free and just enjoy!