Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements to Rent a Car?

– It’s easy to Rent! No credit card required. You can pay in cash if you like. Just bring a Driver’s License, Passport, or 2 other valid IDs and proof of billing (or hotel booking, etc.) Valid for both, Filipino or Foreigner. Simply pay in cash when you rent plus a 3000 PHP refundable security deposit! We accept cards, GCash, Maya, Bank Transfer though.


How much is the Self Drive Car Cost?

– Starting for as little as P999 per 24 hours for long term, we offer only new. well-maintained and clean cars in Cebu City, Mandaue & Mactan or Airport Service Area. Choose the car you like from Hatchback to 7-Seater SUV’s on our website with instant confirmation.


What Payment Methods do you offer?

– We offer all kind of payment methods such as COD (Cash On Delivery), GCash, Maya, Bank Transfer, OTC or even Debit & Credit Cards. With our encrypted and PCI accredited and verified payment system provider (Singapore based), we ensure the total safety of your payments and data by Western Standards.


Do you Issue OR (Official Receipts)?

– As a fully registered and accredited Rent a Car Company, we issue a receipt for every payment you make. It is also a legal requirement. Stay away from companies who don’t issue OR! We are in business since 2015, also during pandemic and we are still here.


Where is your showroom or office location?

– Established in 2015, our Office location is in Mandaue and Talamban, while our Pickup Location is centrally located in Casuntingan Mandaue, right between Airport and Cebu City Center. You pass it whether you go to City or Airport. As a car rental, unlike a car dealership, we don’t make our money by showing cars in a showroom, hoping that you may buy. We earn money when our cars are moving because customers renting them. That’s why we have no so called show room. We have detailed original pictures of our car fleet on our website for you to choose your perfect car. Just approach us with whatever inquiry. We are 24/7 available for you by online chat and Whatsapp or phone call. It’s another advantage against a traditional 9 to 7 operating showroom or office where you surely would get disappointed if it’s closed or during lunch break etc.


Do I have to pay upfront when i book it?

– We offer both. Special discounted online rates with prepayment by Credit Card or GCash with little to no help or intervention by our customer service and reward it with low rates. Also, by prepaying it we have a lower cancellation / no show risk and reward it with extra low rates. Of course, you can pay your car when you pick it up or have it delivered. In such a case you just make a small deposit payment / down payment. The rates are, due to the higher risk of no show that we carry, of course a bit higher same as when you book it by phone or email since our Customer Service staff has to be paid as well in such a case. We think that’s fair play. Our risk: Higher rates for you. Your risk: Lower profit for us and lower car rental rates for you!


Will I get my Security Deposit back and when?

– Your Security Deposit of actually 3000P is to cover damages on the rented vehicle, return in a unclean condition, cigarette smoke odor or lower gasoline level than on receipt of the car. If there is no case of deduction, you get your deposit back in cash the moment you return the car. This is for initial cash payments of rental fee and deposits. If payment has been made by card etc., it can take depending on involved banks, issuing countries up to 2 weeks. In any way there is no deduction without a receipt and we act on your behalf to expedite deposit returns.


How much would be the Cost if it includes a driver?

– We offer All-In Flat Rates for Car with Driver and Transfers. Half or Full day. Within or outside Cebu City. Rates include also fuel and are for a full working day of up to 8 hours or longer if you wish to.


How many hours to wait until we get the confirmation of our booking?

– You will get an instant Email confirmation right away, totally automated, right after your booking in real time. It comes with a payment confirmation and an Official Receipt (OR). Also, another reminder on the day before your scheduled service or booking date.


What Car models are available?

– We have a wide variety of models, ranging from Hatchback or Sedan up to 7- or 8- Seater SUV’s. All cars are new or at least never older than 3-4 years old. You absolutely rent a quality car in any case. 


Do you deliver the cars?

– Our Rates are calculated for pick-up / return at our centrally located Mandaue City Station. Of, course we deliver or pick up any self-drive car. Depending on where you like us to bring it, delivery costs are moderate and ranging from 500P to 1500P. This comprises Airport, Mactan deliveries and any Hotel in Cebu City. These rates include adjustment or waiting in case of Flight or Ferry delay. Just ask us.


Can Foreigners drive with their national Driver’s License or even get a Filipino License?

– Yes, of course to both scenarios! You can drive with your national license for the first 90 days after entering the Philippines and if you like, we can help you to obtain a Filipino Driver’s License. Just present us your valid foreign License and we can convert it together with you into a brand new Philippines License. It just takes a half day and you can book this service here on our website.


Do you offer a Visa Extension Service?

– Yes, we can manage it for you! We can extend your expired Visa or help you to convert it into another type of Visa. depending on your needs. We can pick you up and accompany you to the Immigration Office nearest to your place.


How much would be the Cost for Bridal Cars?

– The cost depends on the time you need it and the type of Car and Service you choose. We can arrange transfers for your wedding guest or drive bride and groom in a car with flower arrangement. Simply make your day memorable with Cebu Car Rental and make sure your bridal car looks good on a picture that you will keep forever.


Are all Rates inclusive of an Insurance?

– Yes, of course. All our cars come with our Comprehensive TPL Auto Insurance so that all 3rd party damages are completely covered! We don’t offer a supplementary CDW (Car Damage Waiver) on demand since the rates are extremely high and most of our renters have this Insurance included in their Credit Card arrangements and Insurances. We want you to pay only for what you really need.


What if i return the Car earlier or like to extend?

– You can return your rented vehicle anytime as early as you like, but there is no refund for unused days simply because we block a car for your total rental period and reject other potential customers during this period and it’s unlikely to rent out the car to someone else on short notice.

– If you like to extend your rental, just call or message us. If the car isn’t rented right after your return or the following days, we are happy to accommodate you. In worst case we exchange the unit to another, available unit during your desired extension period. Talk to us.


Is there a Maximum rental duration?

– We have no maximum rental. Rent daily, weekly or monthly. The longer you rent, the cheaper the daily rate.


What is the Minimum rental duration?

– Our minimum rental for self-drive is 2 days, during public holidays 3 days